Take pets to France

France is the core of European romance, with long history and abundant culture. The scenic spots and historic sites have attracted tourists from the world. People love the graceful thing in Paris, enjoy the countryside views in Provence, feel oneself in Blue Ocean and appreciate the culture charm in Museum. Many people come to France for study, travel or live. Below are the detailed procedures for pets to France from Wuhan.

Mimi is West Highland pet and live in Wuhan. The pet papa wants to take it to France and has searched on the internet for information. As the procedures and documents preparation are complicated, he came to us Youxin Pet Relocation.

China mainland to Paris: 1. Rabies vaccine 2. Chip 3. Serum report 4 Animal health certificate.

Our schedule:
January 1: injection of rabies vaccine, chip.
February 1: Blood test
May 1: Physical examination, animal health certificate
May 7:  Flight to France. No isolation in France.

Injection of rabies vaccine need to be taken in official pet hospital and must get the injection record. For the chip, our company provides international recognized chip.

Collect serum. 1 month after the rabies injection, we will arrange the serum collection in the animal hospital. Blood was isolated from the serum and the general laboratory need at least 1ML of the serum to be detected.

Physical examination. After passing the serum report, 3 months after the blood sample collection, the pet can enter France. You should also take the pets to hospital for pet physical examination and get the health certificate 7 days before departure.

Flight confirm. You can buy the ticket after getting the serum report. You also need to call the airlines hotline to book the pet position. Prepare the plastic air box and kettle, so that the small pet can adapt to the environment faster.

Now, Mimi has and family members has lived in the fascinating Paris and experience the romantic city.

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