Take pets home from United States-Beijing customs clearance

Summer and winter holidays are the peak period of the entry. Most pet dad pet mom will come back home in China and spend a wonderful holiday with the cute baby.  Taking pets home is not troublesome, so the pet parents can refer to our cases and take your pets back to China successfully. You may also find us in Wechat and check the history record. Here is some information about Beijing customs clearance.

This cute pet lives in Los Angeles with its mom and mama wants to bring their pets from the United States back to Beijing. She learned from the interne 30-day isolation is needed for entry China. The environment is not as good as that in US and fees are pretty high. Then, she came to us Youxin Pet Relocation for customs clearance.

First of all, required documents:

1.Rabies vaccination record (valid for 30-365 days)

2.Official animal health certificate,(valid for 14 days, by the official Ministry of Agriculture)

Chip injection is not mandatory from the United States to Beijing entry.  Pets entry from China mainland must be accompanied by the owner and one passport can take only one pet.

Most airlines allow 32kg baggage (pet and air box together). We suggest you consult the airlines about all the regulation and requirements before book the flight or call us Youxin Pet Relocation 4000016800 then forward to 2. If you have reserved the flight, please do remember to book a position for your pet.

Also you need to select suitable PET plastic air tank and kettle.  The size of the pet should be considered when you buy the kettle and air box. The pet should be able to freely rotate and not oppressed.

The fixed kettle is recommended because it can not only help avoid the pet overturn it but also provide clean water all the way.

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