Pet exit-Australia

Sydney, Australia’s place of origin is now the largest city in Oceania. Space, sunshine, and freedom are the most impressive in Sydney. Sydney’s largest asset is its climate and natural environment, which makes it a perfect city for travel, settlement and study abroad.

The most important thing to bring pets to Australia is that all pets in mainland China can not directly exit. Generally, customers will transfer in Hongkong, Singapore or Malaysia. All vaccine injections, blood tests must be carried out in a recognized country.

The little teddy and its mama live in Yichang Hubei. The owner wants to come back to Australia after 5-year work in China. Then she come to us Youxin Pet Relocation and we assisted her successfully bring her to Sydney, Australia.

First Yichang to Sydney required materials: 1. Rabies vaccine injections records; 2. Electronic chip; 3. Serum report; 4. Animal health certificate; 5. Entry permits and quarantine application. Pets will be isolated for 10 days in Australia.

1. Injections of rabies vaccine records: rabies vaccine issued by the official veterinary, valid for 30-360 days.

2.Electronic chips. Pet must be implanted chip to identify the identity of the pet. All relevant documents must have this chip number to ensure that the same pet.

3.Serum report. Send the blood sample to the specified laboratory serum test 30 days after the vaccine injection. The serum concentration of rabies antibody must reach 0. 5IU/ml. If not qualified, it is necessary to re-inject vaccination after testing, until it is qualified.

4.Health certificate. Take the pet physical examination and insect expel in the pet hospital. Detect infectious diseases and other bacterial viruses.

5.Application for entry permit and isolation. It’s necessary to apply for an entry permit and a separate location in advance. You can enter only after you obtain the permission.

Special plastic air box and a kettle are also needed. The box should be surrounded by ventilation, and train small pets how to adapt to the kettle water. No food 3 hours before boarding, as the he baby’s stomach is relatively weak and easy to vomit in the flight. Take the pets to toilets before departure.  How to take pets to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney in Australia.

Visiting time during working days in Australia

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Weekend: 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

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