Pet Relocation Introduction

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With the increasing living standard, people traveling abroad is becoming more and more popular. Although it is not long travel, the lovely pet can not be left home alone. It is also not so convenient to let the relatives and friends take care of it. In fact, you can take your pets with you to travel across the world. All you need to do is to contact the Youxin Pet Relocation and provide relevant information, and then our staff will handle the rest for you. Youxin Pet Relocation provide services in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Britain, North Ireland, Sweden, Finland, the European Union and other countries, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Africa, Russia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates etc.

1.Same destination for the pet and its owner and copy of your passport.
2.Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai rabies immune certificate original, and the certificate must be valid in 30-365 days.
3.Vaccination records, the triple needle or five kinds of injection.
4.Pet photo.
5.Information of pet owners and their pets: pet owner full name, address, phone and pet’s name, gender, variety, color, date of birth, recent rabies vaccine injection time, whether sterilization.

Other materials for flight boarding

1.Vaccine injection record
2.Animal health certificate
3.Serum test reports, virus laboratory reports and entry permits are also required in some countries.

Here we explain about the shipping process and the date of the arrangement:

1.Make sure your pets are suitable for travel. The vaccine must be injected 21 days ahead of departure and valid in 1 year.
2.Book the flight and pet cabin.
3.Buy the box or we can provide. The pet is asked to freely stand in the box. The HK airport requires pets’ head do not touch the top of the box while standing.




1、For Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, you need to prepare 7-8 months ahead, the EU needs 4-5 months ahead, Singapore 2 months in advance to prepare.
2、Find a professional pet company to talk about good contract, price, etc.
3、Inject rabies vaccine and other vaccine vaccination in advance.


4、Book the flight and pet cabin.
5、Buy the air box, so that the pet is familiar with the inside.

6、Take the pet physical examination 6 days before boarding for the overseas animal health certificate.
7、Arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance for check.
8、Pick up the pet at the airport cargo terminal with your original passport in the destination airport or in the baggage turntable extraction. Some airports have a dedicated PET baggage extraction office.


1. Pet keepers should first understand the relevant policies of the popular country of immigrants. You can consult the local the consulate, customs declaration, inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Immigration matters shall be handled on your own. We are responsible for pet boarding formalities and the materials of popular countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, the United States, and Canada.
2. Generally a passport can only bring 1 pet.
3. Animal health certificate is valid in 7-14 days.
4. The must ready for exit must make preparations 150-180 days in advance. The European requirements are the most stringent. They require pet serum to the European Center for laboratory tests and inject rabies vaccine and other vaccines within one year. The vaccine must be injected in a pet hospital designated by the government and provide a valid injection record. Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan also need the test of serum. Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and other countries need to apply for entry permit.
5. Pets must have been injected with electronic chips. Some countries do not need, such as the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.
6. The following types of dogs and cats should pay extra attention to boarding, because they have congenital respiratory problems. These pets under emotional stress or high temperature prone to heatstroke and breathing disorders: Boston Terrier, boxer, Brussels Griffons, bull terrier, Dutch Crested Myna dogs, Britain Bulldogs, British Toy snipe hunting dogs, France bulldog, Japan hound, Japan Crested Myna dog, little lion dog, Shih Tzu, Fen Ping Jia dogs, Tibetan Spaniel, Belgium Griffon, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chow Chow, french mastiff, English toy Spaniels, Lhasa APSO, mastiff, (all varieties), Himalayan cat, Persian cat, British Shorthair. According to the veterinarian suggestion, we take the following measures to ease the dog mood and lower the environment temperature: use 1 larger size pet box that can be 4 face ventilation pet boxes. (If pet box has no ventilation, then drill a7 diameter for 0.75 inch holes above and bottom). Before taking off, put the pet a few days in advance into the pet box to make the pet adapt to the pet box environment. Do not put any food but sufficient water in the box during flight. A water bottle with a built-in ice cube is arranged in the water bottle of the pet box, so that the water can be provided for a pet for a few hours.

1. One passport with only one pet.
2. The pet has to inject rabies vaccine one month before going abroad but no more than 1 year. And the health certificate and rabies vaccine has to be issued by official government veterinarian, with official sign and stamp. Remember to take the script and health certificate has to be valid in 14 days before departure.
3.For pets entry from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Tianjun, they need to be isolated for 7-30 days in officially designated place.

1. One passport for one pet. The pet has to inject rabies vaccine one month before going abroad but no more than 1 year. And the health certificate and rabies vaccine has to be issued by official government veterinarian, with official sign and stamp.

Note: Remember to take the script of health certificate and vaccine card along, or relevant process can be handled.

2. The passport of the consignee and “luggage declaration” script.
(1)Valid Visa.
(2)The record of entering China in 3 months. The name of the waybill has to be consistent with that of the passport and health certificate.

Note: If enter from HK, pets quantity won’t be limited and no need of the owner’s company or isolation. Consignee can pick up the pet in 3 hours after landing.)

3. Leave the China’s contact number in the health certificate, vaccine certificate and bill of lading.

4、Isolation checks start from Feb, 13th, 2006. If the test result is negative, they will be required to stay another 30 days for the isolation check. If the pets deliver by goods and flight arrives after 2:00 PM, customs clearance won’t be finished then.



1. Animal Health Certificate.
2. Vaccine injection record(Valid in 30-365 days)



Note: pets to Shanghai, Beijing entry quarantine 7-30 days, the Beijing pet can be a separate entry, but the consignee within six months to start the mainland immigration records;